Follow Your Curiosity

Living an Intuitive Life with Kelly Abanda

April 15, 2020

Kelly Abanda's journey sounds like a movie: a woman takes a risk, leaves her "good" job to travel the world for three months, and comes back three years later. Along the way, she makes unexpected connections, stumbles into opportunities, and oh, yeah—survives a few close scrapes. Kelly's a big believer in following the intuitive impulses that led her on this journey. Not only do we talk about her adventures abroad, we also talk about why people think they're not creative, and how giving up control can be a good thing. She also tells us how to get in touch with that intuition.

Kelly's latest intuitive endeavor is to help people adjust to the Covid-19 world of working from home. Check the show notes at for links to that project and more, and join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram! You can rate and review the show here. Thanks!

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