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Good Grammar with Curtis Honeycutt

April 29, 2020

If you're like a lot of people, you'll see this headline and want to run screaming, but I want to promise you that this week's conversation is anything but terrifying. Curtis Honeycutt, award-winning author of the Grammar Guy column that appears in more than 30 newspapers nationwide, has made it his mission to make grammar accessible and meaningful, not the stuff of high school nightmares. His book, Good Grammar is the Life of the Party, is a guidebook for the wary as well as the knowledgeable, and I think it's safe to call it the funniest grammar guide you'll ever read.

Curtis and I discuss everything from Noah Webster's influence on American spelling, what "style" is (and the AP vs. Chicago Manual controversy), where religious fundamentalism and grammar meet, why Curtis and I disagree on this next comma, and more in this interview. Good Grammar is the Life of the Party is available on May 1.

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